Support New Zimbabwe Through Humanitarianism –

The organization Munhu is one of the efforts humanitarians everywhere are working to help children in Zimbabwe. While developed countries are busy placing sanctions on Zimbabwe because of Mugabe and his authoritarian government, the exemplary democracies are ignoring the plight of the innocent. Children are the most vulnerable when adults are involved in ego-duets/truets. Therefore, when I see the efforts of organizations like Munhu Inc., which is based in Coppell, Texas, I see some hope in the future of the most important segment of the Zimbabwean population – children. Below are the objectives of MUNHU:


Help AIDS orphans by keeping them in school.

Help monitor the health and emotional wellbeing of children
Help in identifying an adult to monitor and supervise the children.

Caregiver Support program
Provide assistance to care givers who are dealing with AIDS patients.
Provide gloves, antiseptics and other basic necessities to help with care giving.
Promote entrepreneurial programs among villagers, by providing micro grants for small cottage businesses.

Munhu operates on donations, and you can learn more about how to donate by visiting their website Munhu Inc: Helping One Child at a Time


One thought on “Support New Zimbabwe Through Humanitarianism –

  1. Thank you for highlighting Munhu Inc. As of this last term we are sending 500 students to school. There are 120 more on our waiting list. With more help all these children will be in the classroom next term. Thank you for your support.

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