Introducing Mototi Litscape: Exploring African Literature

As the new year begins, I invite African writers to submit works to Mototi Litscapes. Mototi Litscape welcomes works in any of the following categories:

Book Reviews: These can be on any literary book by an African writer on any subject. Send a review of no longer than 2000 words. Proofread your work thoroughly.

Author Profiles: If there is an author, dead or alive, whom you think readers should know about, please send a biography-style essay of no longer than 3000 words.

Poetry: Send your high-quality poetry on any theme. Send 3 -5 polished poems (I don’t do copy editing). Each poems should not be longer than 60 lines.

Interviews: If you have interviewed a writer or plan to do so, prepare and send the interview. There are no lengths requirements, and the content of the interview can cover any aspect of the writer’s work or life.

Fiction: Send short stories of below 3000 words on any theme.

Drama: Short plays are welcome; you determine what’s short.

Mototi Litscapes is currently a non-paying market, but it guarantees you a world-wide readership. Copyright reverts back to you upon publication.

Email your works to: and indicate that you are submitting to Mototi Litscape. Include a brief Bio with each submission. Submissions are welcome all year.


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