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Fungai James Tichawangana’s coverage of Zimbabwean Literature on his blog Unofungei Fungai is the best I have seen so far. I was on Google looking for news covering names like Ignatius Mabasa and Memory Chirere when I came across this rich resource and I was hooked.  See this exemplary entry:

 Slamming Them Together Through Poetry

The House of Hunger Poetry slam is on this weekend, 2 August 2008 at The Book Café. The Poetry slam is celebrating the International Youth Day which traditionally falls on 12 August according to the United Nations International Days calendar.

This month The Poetry Slam is running with the theme ‘Reconciling young people’– bridging the gap between the future leaders of tomorrow and creating an environment for national cohesion and healing within young people. The past years have seen young people being associated with all sorts of activities that are sinister, destructive and abusive.

Pamberi Trust poetry program however would like to bring a platform for dialogue and expression through poetry as a medium to communicate issues affecting the nation and help wipe out the past history of an unlawful and destructive youth culture in Zimbabwe
As future leaders in the Arts, Finance, Trade, Education, Sport and Politics we need to start talking about the future we hope to see, enjoy and uphold.

Veterans of the slam: Comrade Fatso (left) and Chirikure Chirikure

This is a process that we have to engage in as youths and most importantly as a young people who are organized and reconciled, a truly Zimbabwean youth that will be responsible, protective, patriotic, respectful and possess untamed love for their people.

The poetry slam event on Saturday 02 August 2008 will accommodate both veteran and upcoming poets. Poets of all sorts and styles are invited to this August event to express themselves through this art form with a message of reconciliation, hope and nation building.

Slammers & Slam fans: (L to R) Outspoke, Irene Staunton, Chirikure Chirikure and Olley Maruma at one of the House of Hunger Poetry Slams.

Come down to The Book Café on Saturday 02 August from 2pm – 5pm and be part of this exhilarating event that will influence your weekend to be a better and well served one.

Comment: Despite the difficulties, or because of them, poetry is alive in Zimbabwe. Oh, out here, from Zimbabwean are writing as well, and soon the voice of the writer and the poet will be heard reflecting on the country’s challenges.


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