Tinashe Muchuri’s Speech at “Nzungu Dzembeu” Launch

Tinashe Muchuri

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. All protocols observed. Today is a great day. We are welcoming a new prince of the Musaigwa dynasty, ‘Nzungu Dzembeu’ (Seed Nuts). It is my pleasure to introduce you to this bouncing baby. As the editor and introducer of both the son and the father, my task is simple. Let me say more about the new and then the familiar. ‘Nzungu Dzembeu’ is an anthology of refreshing poems from Emmanuel Hove Mhike. It is being launched today at the right time for shelling seed nuts as we prepare for the planting season. The season of shelling nuts is now. As we tour Mhike’s thoughts and feelings and reflection on life, let’s also listen to the folk stories in there.

I am not going to analyse poem by poem but assure you that you need to taste the fry. Chekudya chese tanga waraira kuti uhwe utapitapi hurimo. Seed Nuts is a product I am proud to usher to you all. Taste it. Chew it. Swallow it. It is good for your mental health.

As you interact with the son also remember that like son like father. The father is a prince and heir to the Mazvihwa throne. A prince who lacks wisdom and wits will never sit at a chief’s court. Mhike is not that chief. He is a talented friend of the environment , a journalist, cultural consultant, and, above all, a rural development agent. Help me, ladies and gentlemen, welcome Mhike onto the group chat.


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