New Book: A House for Mother

This book has been in the works for years and is dear to my heart. It covers issues that span decades and cross continents. Once again, we have poems originating in Mazvihwa, traveling to Harare and Bulawayo, detours to Rusitu Valley reflecting on years lived there in the mid-nineties, years that in respect should have foreshadowed Cyclone Idai, for there were always the signs in the frequent landslides as if those mountains were warning already of their shakiness. The poems traverse America in detail, then reconnects with Africa. I felt I was not done with some of the themes introduced in Forever Let Me Go.

A House for Mother is a book I care about, and I encourage you to explore this iteration: I believe a work of art is never done, so I will be reworking these poems for the next edition, in years to come. But for now, enjoy this new book!

new book of poetry

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