Mukana Press Opens Submission Window

Mukana is accepting submissions for their second cohort of titles. The deadline for submissions of December 31. So far, two categories of submissions are open: a short story anthology in African Writing and a full-length manuscript in different genres. If your short story is accepted you will receive a $500 advance, indeed a rare occurrence … Continue reading Mukana Press Opens Submission Window


I want to read everything

I always tell my students that I never had a chance to read children's books. Where I grew up, there were no libraries, and it was thus hard to be exposed to the books other children were reading. The earliest books some of us read were set books, starting with Shona novels by writers like … Continue reading I want to read everything

The Return of Tule Review

Guidelines:Please submit up to five poems (or a total of five pages if your poems are longer) to me at Flash fiction pieces (also a total of five pages max) are also welcome. Please make sure that your name is at the top of each page and include a brief bio with your submission. … Continue reading The Return of Tule Review


Contact: Jason D. Batt 100 Year Starship HOUSTON, October 25, 2023 — The 2023 100 Year Starship (100YSS) Canopus Award for Excellence in Interstellar Writing, a prize recognizing the finest fiction and non-fiction works that expand our understanding of the challenges, opportunities, pitfalls, and rewards of interstellar space exploration, is now open for submissions and nominations. One … Continue reading 100 YEAR STARSHIP ANNOUNCES CANOPUS AWARD CONTEST FOR AFRICA WRITERS

“Forever Let Me Go” back in print

I am pleased to announce that my first poetry collection, Forever Let Me Go, is back in print. This is an expanded edition with a whole new section featuring more recent poems. The old ones have been edited and proofread. New cover design as well. The book can be purchased on Amazon, and very soon, … Continue reading “Forever Let Me Go” back in print

New Book: A House for Mother

This book has been in the works for years and is dear to my heart. It covers issues that span decades and cross continents. Once again, we have poems originating in Mazvihwa, traveling to Harare and Bulawayo, detours to Rusitu Valley reflecting on years lived there in the mid-nineties, years that in respect should have … Continue reading New Book: A House for Mother

Tinashe Muchuri’s Speech at “Nzungu Dzembeu” Launch

Tinashe Muchuri Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. All protocols observed. Today is a great day. We are welcoming a new prince of the Musaigwa dynasty, 'Nzungu Dzembeu' (Seed Nuts). It is my pleasure to introduce you to this bouncing baby. As the editor and introducer of both the son and the father, my task is … Continue reading Tinashe Muchuri’s Speech at “Nzungu Dzembeu” Launch


Story by Black Mampara Emmanuel Hove Mhike   MAZVIHWA, ZIMBABWE: It was most gratifying for me to be part of the social media's WhatsApp platform administered by the soft-spoken and humble Zvishavane based author, Emmanuel 'WekwaFish' Mhike Hove, who was launching his debut Shona Poetry anthology. Entitled, 'Nzungu Dzembeu', the book sold gold as over … Continue reading MHIKE LAUNCHES ‘NZUNGU DZEMBEU’ IN STYLE

Simbilimbi, Na F.J. Nyambare (Sir Yoro)

Bhururu, bhururu, nhai bhururu wangu, Une chokwadi here iwe? Ndaiti hudera asi iweka nhasi wandikanga mate. Hwako hunyasire wandisiya mukanwa muri kangwa. Paye tichakura zvimbuzi wainyora nendove, Kuchikoro matebhuru uchipara nematombo. Ko nanhasi here nhai Simba? Zvawava nendebvu wani sekakotora. Ndakakutora ndikati chiuya dhorobha, Nendandi muhuro ukati hausiye, Musi uya pagungano rebhavhudhe raTobhi, Takakuona wodonha … Continue reading Simbilimbi, Na F.J. Nyambare (Sir Yoro)

Nduri Itsva DzaChamapezi Dhliwayo

NDINI IZWI Ndini Izwi. Ndinobva kuuzuru. Ndakataura kare kare nemadzitateguru enyu. Ndiri mukati menzvimbo dzinoera . Nanhasi ndichiri kutaura. Handimire kuchengera angu macheche. Zvino teererai muteererese imi vatema! Dzokerai kutsika dzemadzibaba enyu . Semai kudeura ropa pachenyu. Ropa rinoshura gwenga nekuti rinopinga nhuruka. Dananai imi vatema pachenyu. Hakuna rwumwe rudzi rwunokudai. Zvino batai apa mupabatisise … Continue reading Nduri Itsva DzaChamapezi Dhliwayo

Mhiri Kuno

Na Emmanuel Sigauke Kumusha taiva vemhiri Nekuno tiri vemhiri zvekare;  Taiva naRunde na Gwen’ombe,  TIchiti kwese kwataifanira kuenda Kwaiva mhiri kwaRunde kana kwaGwen’ombe.  Kuenda kudhibha, mhiri kwaGwen’ombe, Kuenda kuchigayo kwaTakavarasha, mhiri kwaRunde Kuenda kusumha kana matobwe kuChishamba, mhiri.  Kuenda kumambuyu kwaMaride, kana kuvurimbo kwaMhike, mhiri.  Paiva nekuenda mhiri kwaiunza mafaro,  Kuenda mhiri kwaRunde kunoona muchato … Continue reading Mhiri Kuno

The Return of Moments in Literature

This blog has been in existence since 2007, but it went through a five-year hiatus as I focused on other projects. But now it returns under a new domain: I will be sharing a little bit of history for Chisiya Writer's Workshop, which is based in Mazvihwa, Zimbabwe, and whose influence is growing to … Continue reading The Return of Moments in Literature