2015 Writivism Mentors


The Writivism programme is excited to unveil all the thirty two established African writers who shall participate in the 2015 mentoring component of the programme. We are extremely grateful to the mentors for donating their time to guide emerging African writers, who shall be picked from our 2015 workshops cohort. The workshops shall be held in Kampala, Gaborone, Dar es Salaam, Lagos and Johannesburg. Applications for the workshops closed on 31st October 2014. Writers, based on the continent who are yet to publish a book were eligible to apply. Only those writers who attend the workshop stand a chance to be selected for the mentoring component.

The mentoring involves providing feedback on draft stories sent by the mentee. This guidance lasts a period of four months (February to May 2015) and will result into two flash fiction stories to be published in various media and one short story to…

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The Naipaul in us

He writes well… this blogger.

Pa Ikhide

The writer V.S. Naipaul recently published a book, The Masque of Africa that is supposedly based on his recent visits to African countries like Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Gabon and South Africa. These travels were allegedly to discover the “nature of African belief” according to this review of the book by Sameer Rahim in the UK Telegraph. Rahim gives the clear impression that this book does not improve upon the silence. It is the same tired, stereotypical garbage about Africa and civilizations of color. You wonder if at 80 years of age, Naipaul is finally losing it.

The drama Naipaul records in the book is cringe-worthy: In Gabon, his legs give way and someone attempts to transport him in a broken wheelbarrow. Give us a break! The sad truth is that ever since Naipaul was born among the wretched of the earth, as he would probably put it…

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Vosvika muAmerica Mazuva Ano

Mbeu yevanhu vosvika muno yati siyanei neyedu patakasvika. Isu taivinga chikoro, kana kuzotora twumakosi twekutiwanisa mabasa ane musoro, toshanda kwemakore, tichironga kuzodzokera kumusha takagukuchira upfumi. Asi ava vouya mazuva ano ava, huri-i, mabasa chaiwo. Pane mukomana akasvika mwedzi wapfuura uyu. Hameno kwazvakanhongana nemukadzi weChirungu anenge ane dzakadambuka dzose. Mungadai mavaona nhasi pavasvika pano kuzopemberera Zimbabwean Independence … Continue reading Vosvika muAmerica Mazuva Ano

Sadza paChimanimani, Part 1

Sadza paChimanimani Zvinoita sadza! Takangoti tichiburuka bhazi paChimanimani Village kwava kuchimhanyira kwaibva munhuwi waro. Ipapo ndanga ndabva mukusangana neumwe murume wechidiki seni, uyo anga andiona ndichidzerekera kumusuwo webhazi ndokuti, “Makanangepi ishe?” Ini ndokuchiti, “Tisu maticha matsva ekwaNdima., kuRusitu.” Akabva asimuka ndokunangawo mukova seni, apo bhazi ranga rozhamba rananga musika. “Zvatoita tawandirira. Neniwo ndakananga kuRusitu; ndiri … Continue reading Sadza paChimanimani, Part 1

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. [But this just shows that we at Moments in Literature have to work harder this year! We want more than ten times the number of views we got this year. We want this to be a productiveyear.] Here's an excerpt: 600 people … Continue reading 2012 in review

Noviolet Bulawayo, Zimbabwean Writer and Winner of the 2011 Caine Prize, Signs a Book Deal with Chatto

Press Release: Chatto Acquire Thrilling Debut From 2011 Caine Prize Winner, Noviolet BulawayoPosted at 5:33PM Thursday 17 May 2012To Becky Hardie at Chatto, debut novel We Need New Names by Caine-prizewinning NoViolet Bulawayo, after a heated auction conducted by Alba Zeigler-Bailey at the Wylie Agency, for publication in 2013.  Chatto acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding … Continue reading Noviolet Bulawayo, Zimbabwean Writer and Winner of the 2011 Caine Prize, Signs a Book Deal with Chatto

Fresh Reflections on Marechera’s Life and Works Emerge

By Beaven Tapureta Some artists’ legacies live long even after they die,  and this is true of one of Zimbabwe’s great writers, the late Dambudzo Marechera, who will be remembered at a function organized by the Zimbabwe-Germany Society (ZGS) under the theme “Revisiting Marechera: Old texts brought to Life”. And to bring back the Marechera … Continue reading Fresh Reflections on Marechera’s Life and Works Emerge

Dike Okoro Reviews ‘Light and After’ by Kobus Moolman

Light and After, by Kobus Moolman Deep South Publishers (Grahamstown: 2010) ISBN: 978-0-9584915-7-0 Kobus Moolman’s Light and After is his fifth collection of poetry. Lyrically evocative and engaging, this collection reintroduces readers familiar with Moolman’s poetry to his confident lines, unique images, memorable language, and impressive narrative voice.  In this collection Moolman uses a mixture … Continue reading Dike Okoro Reviews ‘Light and After’ by Kobus Moolman

Barbara Mhangami-Ruwende Reviews “African Roar 2011”

This resplendent collection of short stories by African writers does indeed roar. The breadth and depth of topic, style, perspective and powerful story telling found within the pages of this treasure trove is enough to make you emit a roar of your own: in appreciation, in agony, in mirth, and in sheer exuberance. The story … Continue reading Barbara Mhangami-Ruwende Reviews “African Roar 2011”

New Zim Short Fiction Anthologies to be Launched in September

The two publishing houses that habe kept Zimbabwean fiction publishing afloat during the country's hardest time, amaBooks of Bulawayo and Weaver Press of Zimbabwe are going to launch their new fiction anthologies in the next week. On September 19, Weaver Press is launching Writing Free, which features fifteen writers. This anthology is quite promising, given … Continue reading New Zim Short Fiction Anthologies to be Launched in September

Interview with Na’ima B. Robert, author of ‘Far from Home’, an Novel about Zimbabwe

In this interview, I chat with Na'ima B. Robert, author of the new novel 'Far from Home', which I just finished reading. It is a novel about growing up, family, Zimbabwean colonial and post colonial history which chronicles the pains of land dispossession and loss of home.Some of the central issues of the novels are … Continue reading Interview with Na’ima B. Robert, author of ‘Far from Home’, an Novel about Zimbabwe

Interview with Beatrice Lamwaka, for Stories on Stage Sacramento

Beatrice Lamwaka Beatrice Lamwaka was recently shortlisted for the 2011 Caine Prize for African Writing. She was born in Gulu in northern Uganda, and now lives in Kampala, Uganda, where she works as a journalist and is currently studying Human Rights at Makarere University. She is working on a story collection called The Garden of … Continue reading Interview with Beatrice Lamwaka, for Stories on Stage Sacramento

Sacramento’s Stories on Stage Features Flash Fiction

Stories on Stage, which operates from mid-town Sacramento, continues to grow. Running every last Friday of the month, the series has featured writers from across the US and is preparing to feature African writers in June. The idea is brilliant: the stories are read by professional actors, and the events are well-attended. On Friday, May … Continue reading Sacramento’s Stories on Stage Features Flash Fiction

Zimbabwean Writer on 2011 US Foreign Press Center Media Tour

Zimbabwean writer, journalist, blogger, and gender activist, Delta Milayo Ndou will be touring Washington DC and Minneapolis in June as one of 20 journalists who have been identified by the Washington Foreign Press Center as emerging Global New Media Leaders. She is one of 4 African journalists - and the other African countries represented are … Continue reading Zimbabwean Writer on 2011 US Foreign Press Center Media Tour