Story by Black Mampara Emmanuel Hove Mhike   MAZVIHWA, ZIMBABWE: It was most gratifying for me to be part of the social media's WhatsApp platform administered by the soft-spoken and humble Zvishavane based author, Emmanuel 'WekwaFish' Mhike Hove, who was launching his debut Shona Poetry anthology. Entitled, 'Nzungu Dzembeu', the book sold gold as over … Continue reading MHIKE LAUNCHES ‘NZUNGU DZEMBEU’ IN STYLE


Simbilimbi, Na F.J. Nyambare (Sir Yoro)

Bhururu, bhururu, nhai bhururu wangu, Une chokwadi here iwe? Ndaiti hudera asi iweka nhasi wandikanga mate. Hwako hunyasire wandisiya mukanwa muri kangwa. Paye tichakura zvimbuzi wainyora nendove, Kuchikoro matebhuru uchipara nematombo. Ko nanhasi here nhai Simba? Zvawava nendebvu wani sekakotora. Ndakakutora ndikati chiuya dhorobha, Nendandi muhuro ukati hausiye, Musi uya pagungano rebhavhudhe raTobhi, Takakuona wodonha … Continue reading Simbilimbi, Na F.J. Nyambare (Sir Yoro)

Women Writing Zimbabwe: A Review

The new short story anthology by Weaver Press, Women Writing Zimbabwe, delivers the high quality readers have come to associate with the publisher's products. It contains fifteen stories by fifteen strong female voices of Zimbabwean literature.  When I recieved the book last week, I was in the middle of Toni Morrison's Beloved and the Selected Poems … Continue reading Women Writing Zimbabwe: A Review

Zimbawean Author Gets Joint Book Deal

In a posting on her blog, Petina Gappah has announced, and confirmed, the news that she has secured a two-book deal with Faber & Faber in the UK and Farrar, Straus, and Giroux in the US. The first book, An Elegy for Easterly, a story collection, comes out in April 2009 in the UK and … Continue reading Zimbawean Author Gets Joint Book Deal

Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Words of Wisdom

I have said it elsewhere, and I will say it again: I prefer getting my knowledge about nations and their cultures from creative writers. Art is able to capture aspects of life that the popular media has not learned to capture. I often trust that writers delve deeper (they better if they want to have … Continue reading Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Words of Wisdom