The Return of Moments in Literature

Writer Memory Chirere and Emmanuel Sigauke, UZ 

This blog has been in existence since 2007, but it went through a five-year hiatus as I focused on other projects. But now it returns under a new domain: I will be sharing a little bit of history for Chisiya Writer’s Workshop, which is based in Mazvihwa, Zimbabwe, and whose influence is growing to different parts of the country, and now, through this platform, is going to reach audiences worldwide.

I will probably working with a team solicited from within Chisiya organization, if I can find volunteers. Perhaps one day we will be able to monetize the initiative, as that would also be helpful to the writers in the Chisiya organization. I enjoy creating platforms like this as they keep me inspired to do my own work as well.

Watch this space. More is coming. In the meantime, go into our archives and read stories and articles going back to 2007.


One thought on “The Return of Moments in Literature

  1. Ndashamiswa kuvona kuti bhurogu rino raivako kubva 2007. Ndinoshaya kuti rakandipotsa sei nguva yose yandaitsvaka zviverengwa zvepadandemutande ramasaisai. Ndinoti basa rakanaka kudai ngariende mberi.

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